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The highest standard in AI.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Accreditation is the AI Guild action and process of recognizing a data professional as qualified to perform her or his profession to the highest quality standard.

You can become an accredited expert and join the leading practitioners. The AI Guild is accepting submissions that accredited experts evaluate.

Do you have at least 4+ of relevant experience?

Are you willing to demonstrate that you meet the required competency standard for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society?

The AI Guild competency standard for top-level experts.
What accredited experts demonstrate.

Accreditation by the AI Guild

To help prepare your submission, we have collected everything you need to know on a single slide set that you can download now.

The highest standard - accreditation by
Download • 463KB

You submit three pieces of evidence to be an accredited expert.


Up-to-date CV

It is a CV like you would also use to advance your career.

  • Complete technical and data skillset (breadth of expertise).

  • Specific domain expertise with matching experience (deep expertise).

  • Professional positions and experience related to your portfolio, including project management, line management, or leadership.



It is an audio, video, or a text file of about 20 minutes or 2000 words.

  • Your portfolio: Your contribution and learnings concerning the product or service deployment, covering technical, organizational, and personal aspects.

  • Value for the customer or client created; business impact delivered; innovation accomplished; the quality achieved concerning reproducibility, transparency, and safety.

  • Your role on the team, decision-making for responsibilities, deliverables, and more, and your ethical stance on algorithms and behavior.


Professional contribution

You can submit a chronological list or link to the online lists you have.

  • Development. A list of your training, courses, certifications, teaching, mentorship, coaching, and other professional investments done;

  • Communication. A list of instances of your communication with business stakeholders, external stakeholders, and the public (e.g., public media, teaching, business meetings, company board).

  • Knowledge sharing. A list of your contributions to the field by coding, video, writing, speaking, or similar.


Start your accreditation

90 days from submission to accreditation. Get recognized as a practitioner qualified to perform at the highest standards for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society. Submit anytime for accreditation by using this form.

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