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AI Guild Accreditation: From pilot to launch

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Accreditation is the AI Guild action and process of recognizing a data professional as qualified to perform her or his profession to the highest quality standard.

From August 2020 to May 2021 the AI Guild has been piloting an accreditation scheme for data professionals. We are ready to present the first accredited top-level professionals in Europe.

First, let us show you why the AI Guild is providing accreditation and setting the global standard. Second, we will explain the principles of AI Guild accreditation and its benefits. Third, we will introduce the first top-level experts that are accredited.


AI Guild members' demand for quality standards

Since May 2019, the AI Guild has been thriving as a membership organization. The 800+ members are practitioners advancing AI adoption, and very many are at the level of senior, lead, director, and CxO.

The impetus for establishing quality standards rose among our members. The most important reasons are:

  1. Provide quality assurance on the market for companies looking to build teams, hire consultants and freelancers, and productionize data analytics and machine learning.

  2. Give peer recognition for being qualified to perform at the highest standards for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society.

  3. Advance trust in the deployment of AI and data-driven solutions by identifying practitioners adhering to quality standards for products, algorithms, and behavior.

Market and regulator needs for quality assurance and trust

The context for members' demands is that numerous incidents and reports highlight as contentious issues harm (safety), intrusion (privacy), opaqueness and manipulation (transparency), discrimination (fairness), and exploitation or oppression (accountability and oversight).

When public understanding of AI is low and risk apprehension is high, it has consequences for society and the economy.

  • Businesses tend to prefer low-risk proof-of-concept work.

  • The potential of AI is activated only by the few with large expert teams.

  • Government regulation often is pre-emptive.

  • Practitioners are moving sideways as career paths are not developed.

  • A lack of standards to identify proficiency levels to senior, lead, and principal for essential roles such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, and NLP Engineer.


Accreditation by the AI Guild

A primary objective of the AI Guild is supporting practitioners in making data careers work for a lifetime. We define quality standards, benchmark the Senior level, and develop career paths for practitioners.

The AI Guild accreditation badge
AI Guild accreditation comes with a personal ID

The principles

Accreditation sets the quality standard at the expert level. The following principles guide it.

  • Global: An international community of practitioners sets the quality standard.

  • Individual: Accreditation acknowledges professional achievement.

  • Experience-based: It requires a track record and expert validation.

  • Objective: Rigorous assessment by expert reviewers subject to an external audit.

The benefits

AI Guild accreditation directly benefits society and the economy. The quality standard is transparent because the accreditation standards are public. The standards are rigorous because the assessment is based on evidence and expert review. Moreover, each assessment is documented, accompanied by an independent observer, and subject to an external audit.

Following from the primary objective of supporting practitioners, these are the key benefits.

  • Professional standing: A visible endorsement of professional competence.

  • Peer recognition: Confidence from rigorous independent assessment.

  • Exclusive networking: Access to peers of the same standing, and also to leadership training.

  • Higher-income: Based on the professional standing, the salary or freelance fees rises.

  • Responsibility: Leading AI adoption by example and being in demand for mission-critical projects.


First accreditations

Dr. Florian Baumann, Chief Technology Officer, Automotive and AI, Dell Technologies

Dr. Tristan Behrens, Owner, AI Guru

Dr. Irena Bojarovska, Data Scientist, Zalando SE

Dr. Sébastien Foucaud, Chief Data Officer, HRS Group

Dr. Darina Goldin, Director Data Science, Bayes Esports

Dr. Nicholas Hoff, Owner, New Approach Technologies

Prof. Dr. Martin Huber, Applied Econometrics, University of Fribourg

Dr. Tereza Iofciu, Head Data Science Coach, Neuefische

Nour Karessli, Senior Data Scientist, Zalando SE

Dr. Mirko Knaak, Head of AI, IAV GmbH

Irina Vidal Migallón, Senior Key AI Expert, Siemens Mobility

Dr. Kristian Rother, Head of Data Science, Spiced Academy


Receive a visible endorsement of your competence by joining the peers leading AI adoption. Start your accreditation by reading the AI Guild competency standards on the website.

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