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Get more interviews and better job offers (1)

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Your CV and LinkedIn profile require a mission and search statement. Why? Because we want recruiters and hiring managers to be able to initiate the interview process with confidence. Your statement clarifies your professional identity, experience, and expectations for the next step in your career.

The mission and search statement for more interviews with hiring managers

Ideally, your mission statement is so clear and persuasive that the hiring manager wants to speak with you. A good search statement makes it easy to understand what challenges you are looking for, where, and when. You need to be specific about the industry, the type of company, and the role you prefer.


Let me show you a few examples from 2021 that we discuss at AI Guild events. For a first or second role in the industry, with practitioners, we agreed on the following statements.


I am a Dara Scientist with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics (expected: July 2021), conducting time series analysis from building the data pipeline to running statistical models and visualizing the results. I am proud of my code. From August 2021, I am looking for a new challenge in the Rhineland of Germany in a firm developing a data-driven product.


I am a Data Scientist with 2 yrs of industrial experience and a Ph.D. in Geochemistry (ETH Zürich). I have 4+ years of Python experience using data and regression models to analyze the planet and cosmos. From September 2021, I am looking for a company in Berlin whose data-driven product measurably improves our sustainability.


I am a confident programmer with 6+ years of Python experience. My Ph.D. thesis (neuroscience) is submitted, and I work at a university hospital. From autumn 2021, I am looking for a remote-first position where I can use rigorous statistics and interpretable machine learning to generate actionable business insights.


I am a Data Analyst with 6+ years of experience in automated as well as manual data processing. I have been using Python packages for 3+ years to interpret the properties of organic and biological molecules. From September 2021, I am looking for a position in the industry, ideally in a pharmaceutical, chemical, or MedTech company.


I'm a Data Scientist with a Ph.D. in astrophysics & 5+ years of experience. I converted raw data of space telescopes into high-quality science-ready data & used it for statistical inference via machine learning algorithms. I want to work in a company with data-driven products & services, which is measurably contributing to sustainability & accelerating the transition to an ecological economy.


I am a Data Scientist for IoT with a Ph.D. in Particle Physics. I have 4+ years of experience in hardware instrumentation (e.g., image, sound, other sensors) and optimization (e.g., analytics, simulations, robotics). After a Machine Learning skills upgrade, I am looking for a new challenge anywhere in Germany, preferably in a company deploying IoT, smart machines, or predictive maintenance.


Get more interviews

All statements are personal and specific. Indeed, for a company to start the interview process with you, the easier it is to understand what you are looking for, the more confidence the company may have. Key considerations are that.

  1. You are looking for a subsequent position of the company's kind, e.g., data role, type of company, location.

  2. Starting the interview process will not waste time because you have articulated your next challenge and are more likely to accept an offer.

  3. If the fit between the company and your mission statement is good, you will likely stay and make a valuable contribution.


If you would like support in defining your professional mission and career trajectory, join the AI Guild at

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