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Data Scientist (m/f/d). Competency profile No 2.

Updated: May 25, 2021

The competency profile validates your domain expertise in data. It recognizes you as a Senior practitioner or advances your career to the Senior level.

By practitioners, for practitioners - this service is provided by AI Guild members recognized for their expertise.


Here is the example of a Data Scientist.

She has been in the industry for years and progressively moved into more data-driven roles. She has a background in engineering and then moved on to data project management and data analytics before including machine learning.


What do you see in the competency profile?

You are looking at the profile of someone able to move corporate teams and projects forward.

  • Project initiator: The art of the possible in supporting a corporate.

  • NLP: The emerging focus of work.

The ability to move forward teams and projects is grounded in project delivery and a data analytics track record.

Moreover, she acquired data science and machine learning capabilities deep enough for training colleagues. As industrial corporates become more data-driven, I expect to see more career upgrades of this kind.

The competency profile was built as part of the AI Guild career development program.


Industrial challenges

Industrial incumbents typically have machinery, processes, and products that are rich in data - principally speaking. The challenge is to make all of this data-driven. After a decade, many industrial corporates are making headway, but it is also clear that the challenge is more significant and will take much longer than expected.

My respect is very high for data professionals taking on this challenge. Working for a data-driven internet company may be rewarding, but more critical is aiding corporates in building a data-driven future, making our industrial society more sustainable.


Where is her #datacareer headed?

The competency profile is Senior-level because of the technical skills, many years of industry experience, and the ability to design and manage projects. It is a type of profile that is a must-have for any industrial corporate embracing the data-driven future.


How to get your competency profile?

Are you in Year 2, 3, or 4 of your #datacareer? Would you like to find out how you efficiently show and develop your expertise? It takes 60 days to complete the competency profile. All you need to do to start is point us to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile (or similar) here.

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