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Computer Vision Engineer (m/f/d). A competency profile.

Updated: Jan 30

The competency profile validates your domain expertise in data. It recognizes you as a Senior practitioner or advances your career to the Senior level.

By practitioners, for practitioners - this service is provided by AI Guild members recognized for their expertise.


Here is the example of a Computer Vision engineer.

She has a Master's degree in Image Processing and Computer Vision and started her career in the mobility industry two years ago. At the entry-level, she has developed focus by refining her expertise by working on fundamental problems persistently.


What do you see in the competency profile?

This profile shows an early-stage data professional developing specialist expertise in

  • Computer Vision relevant to autonomous mobility; and

  • Product development based on Deep Learning models.

The focus is flanked appropriately by relevant experience with

  • Image processing techniques, and

  • Deploying models.

You will have noticed that the profile shows a great learning curve, e.g., building datasets faster by iteration. Also, there is evidence for the capability to productionize computer vision and (co-) lead on the implementation.

The competency profile was built as part of the AI Guild career development program.


Focus: What is in and what has been left out?

You are looking at the profile of a graduate of one of the new specialist Master's programs in Europe. The program provides focus from the start. Yet, as well all know, not that many companies in Europe offer Computer Vision career tracks, so the practitioner faces the challenge of defining her career trajectory. I think the challenge has been met admirably, especially by highlighting the contribution to improving industry practice in data collection, efficient algorithm implementation, and product deployment.


Where is her #datacareer headed?

The most successful practitioners are "those with substantial expertise in at least one area." This practitioner is making headway by developing deep domain expertise in the intersection of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Autonomous Mobility. What you see here is a high-value profile. It is high value because companies No 1 impediment to advancing AI Adoption is access to practitioners with the 'right' skills set. For a company in autonomous mobility: Here is a practitioner with the matching skillset that has developed the awareness essential to building a great career at the Senior level.


How to get your competency profile?

Are you in Year 2, 3, or 4 of your #datacareer? Would you like to find out how you efficiently show and develop your expertise? It takes 60 days to complete the competency profile. All you need to do to start is point us to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile (or similar) here.

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