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Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Engineering,
Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,
Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.


You have at least 4 years of experience in the field, and are senior, lead, or management?

Get recognition for performing to the highest quality standards. 

Competency profile

You are in year 2, 3, or 4 of your #datacareer and wondering what is the best next step?

A personal profile helps you advance to the Senior level and beyond.

Validated CV 

You are looking for a 1st or 2nd role with a great team?

Have your CV and search strategy optimized for hiring managers by receiving personal feedback. 

By practitioners, for practitioners

Running with 1000+ members since May 2019. To join, take a look at the AI Guild member page.



A visible endorsement of your competence by joining the peers leading AI adoption.



Check of completeness, requirements, and factual information.



€2200 +VAT (€2618.-) for the full process of accreditation.



Two independent reviews, a 2-hour interview, and a written report.



A written validation and reference, and public accreditation.

The quality standard

90 days from submission to accreditation. Get recognized as a practitioner qualified to perform at the highest standards for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society.​ Here is what you need to do next:

1. Establish your eligibility by downloading the competency standards.

2. Prepare your submission by drawing on the instructions provided.

3. Submit your application

90+ events for the community on #datacareer and #datalift.

We are where you are: Eventbrite, Meetup, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube, and hopin.  


Competency profile

Be a recognised senior practitioner with validated domain expertise. 


Check of your track record, skills level, and domain expertise.



€500 +VAT (€595.-) for the full process of getting your competency profile.



Looking together at your expertise, ambition, and professional development.


An AI Guild imprimatur that recommends your expert profile.

60 days from assessment to the competency profile. Covering the technical, organizational, and personal dimensions, we empower you to be the senior practitioner you want to be. Please find validated profiles described in the Updates below.

To get started, simply submit the link to your LinkedIn or a similar profile.

​100+ practitioners have joined for career coaching and the development program​

Together, we are building the career paths and establishing quality standards.


Validated CV

Stand out with a mission statement and a vetted skills profile.

30 days from submission to a Validated CV.

  • Pay later: Pay from your 1st salary after starting your new role €357.

  • Pay now: €238, which is 33% off.

No risk. 100% Refundable up to the end of your first interview.

What you get.

  1. A conversation to help you make the best choice concerning the next data role, type of company, and industry or domain.

  2. An improved CV to maximize impact with readers such as hiring managers and human resources. 

  3. After vetting, an AI Guild imprimatur that recommends your CV for interview.

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