Mi., 21. Apr. | AI Guild Zoom meeting

The #datacareer Competency Profile

Advance your #datacareer to the Senior level. Benefit from Europe's leading practitioner community and its accredited top-level experts in the industry and startups.

Time & Location

21. Apr., 19:00 – 20:00 MESZ
AI Guild Zoom meeting

About the Event

Would you know what a competency profile would like for e.g. a computer vision engineer, data scientist, or data analyst?

Issues we observe include

  • Although team play increases data role specialization, the data career paths seem not so well understood by companies and practitioners alike
  • While promotions are happening and companies are keen on hiring senior practitioners, it seems complicated to gauge the required quality standards for senior roles effectively

Join this 60-minute workshop for a chance to start thinking about your skillset in a way that helps you advance your career to the Senior level.

  1. How does my skills profile serve the build-up of domain competency?
  2. What benchmarks for the senior level can I use?
  3. Is there a predictable path to the senior level?


Since 2019, the AI Guild has run 70+ events on #datacareer with its 800+ members and the interested community. Career coaching has been running with 100+ members, and the pilot career development program has 15 participants (10 women, 5 men).

60-min format

You get an interactive Q&A format from the get-go with the following

  • 4-5 examples of successful competency profiles (drawn from business intelligence, data analytics, data science, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision)
  • Insight into Senior level profiles and requirements
  • Tips on advancing your career to the Senior level

To find out more about the AI Guild, please visit the website https://www.theguild.ai

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