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AI Guild accredited leaders

Tereza Iofciu

Accreditation ID 21/110127

We admire Dr. Tereza Iofciu’s outstanding achievements in driving forward data science to the highest engineering standard. Tereza Iofciu has gained authority as a role model in the Python and data community. Furthermore, we are impressed by her active knowledge-sharing and advocacy for diversity in the field.

AI Guild accredited leaders

Irena Bojarovska

Accreditation ID 21/110060

Dr. Irena Bojarovska is a highly respected Data Scientist in Marketing. She automates machine learning and follows best practices in software engineering. We are impressed by her deep knowledge of A/B testing.

AI Guild accredited leaders

Tristan Behrens

Accreditation ID 21/110044

Dr. Tristan Behrens’ expertise and technical competency in Deep Learning are outstanding, especially in multi-agent systems. We commend Tristan Behrens for the business value and impact he creates by his teaching and mentoring activities, promoting AI adoption and awareness in society.

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